Discover a fun and clever range to guide baby in his development. Thanks to Tinéo learning accessories, you baby will learn while playing, discovering new colors, sounds and materials.


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  • Collection C'est Chouette

  • "My Great Friends" Collection

    Enter to the fantastic world of "My great friends"! Foth both girls and boys, this fun and colored collection will be perfect to entertain baby.
    Our mouse, koala, cat and rabbit friends bounce all together in their balloons and invite baby in their eccentric world.

  • "Circus" Collection

    It's Circus time !

    Foth both girls and boys, this colored collection invites baby for discovery and game.

    Trapeze artist monkey, tightrope walker elephant, accordionist crocrodile ... all the animals bring baby into a fun and entertaining world !

  • "Tea Time" Collection

    Enter to the girly universe "Tea Time".
    Destinated to little girls, this pink collection will be a treat for all food lovers !
    Macaroons, cup cakes, cherries, ice creams and lollipops have been selected for the after-school snack and a very sweet break :)

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item